Tampa Bay Fall and Winter Fishing

Fall Winter Fishing in Tampa Bay

Fall is one of my favorite times of year to fish Tampa Bay. Not only is the fishing great, but the boat traffic is way down. Cooler water temperatures signal winter time is approaching and our inshore fishery heats up. Snook will start eating heavily to pack on the pounds for the cooler months to come. Redfish will be coming off of spawn and will be hungry. The “Gator” trout will invade our flats as temperatures fall. 

Snook will be in “feeding mode” in the coming months to prepare for the cooler water temperatures. Being a sub-tropical species, they don’t handle the cooler temperatures well, and they will look to add body fat to get though the winter months. For anglers, that means “game on”. Fall is a great time to target that “trophy” snook. Most of the big females will be willing to eat most baits as they prepare for the winter. 

Redfish will be coming off of their fall spawn looking to pack back on the pounds they lost during the spawn. Redfish will be roaming the flats, mangroves, and oyster bars in search of food. It should be a very productive month for redfish. 

The trout fishing will start to heat up as cooler temperatures arrive. Look for the big “gator” trout to move on the flats after the first significant cold front moves through. Now is the time of year to beat that “personal” best in size, as the bigger trout invade our grass flats. 

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