Tampa Bay Snook Are Still Alive!

  The Tampa Bay Snook fishing is still ALIVE! I have stayed away from Snook fishing in Tampa Bay due to the stress these fished had

Tampa Bay Snook Fishing
33" Snook

 on them from the cold winter we had but fished a Grand Slam charity tournament and Snook spices was on the list of fish. I didn’t have high expectations but boy was I surprised and very happy. We fished a spot that has held good Snook in the past but I didn’t expect it to produce the way it did. We had several nice Snook landed while fishing Tampa Bay. We had a few 25″ a 29″ and a 30″. All the fish were very healthy. We had 2/3 of the slam caught with a very good Tampa Bay Snook so we decided to finish off with a Redfish. We pulled up to a Redfish spot. First bait in the water was railed. Drag screaming off the reel and the rod doubled over as the fish headed straight toward the mangrove. As soon as it headed to the mangroves, I knew what it was and how good of a fish it was. We landed the beautiful 33″ Snook, took a couple of pictures and had a healthy release. We didn’t with the total slam but we did win the Snook division. It was good to see that Snook are alive and healthy. I don’t plan on fishing Snook very hard. We want to give them as much of a break as possible.  Click here to book a Tampa Fishing Charter

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