It’s Shark Time!

The summer heat is here in Tampa Bay and it brought along with it the sharks. With water temperatures on the rise, you have to think outside the box. Fishing deeper cooler water is a must.

Tampa Nurse Shark
Nurse Shark

Sharks are a fan favorite due to their size and strength. Sharks migrate into the Tampa Bay area following the different pelagic species like the  spanish mackerel. Fishing Tampa’s ship channels, artificial reefs and bridges, should produce a nice shark you will be talking about for years.  My bait of choice for Tampa Bay shark fishing would be spanish mackerel. They are plentiful in the bay and easy to catch but any fresh bait will work. Sharks to look for are black tip, bull, spinners, hammerhead and nurse. While fishing the same areas, free line a large sardine looking for anything to take the bait. You may run into a cobia or even a tarpon fishing Tampa.The picture is of a 6′ nurse shark caught by Connor from Dallas, TX. Call now to book a shark trip of a life time. 813-732-5971

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