October Tampa Fishing Report!


Fall is in the air. Leaves are changing colors, cooler mornings… Wait. We live in Tampa Bay Florida. Although our seasons are not a drastic as they are in otheFishing Tampa for Redfishr places, we do feel a change in the air. If you fished all summer in the 90 degree heat and 90% humidity you welcome any change. October brings shorter days, cooler air and water temperatures. The bite should turn on like a light switch for all species as waters temperature drop into the 70’s. The Snook bite will slow in our area. Most Snook have made their way out of our area to their fall areas. Some will still be around willing to eat. The Redfish bite will be outstanding. These fish will gather in large schools on our area flats feeding heavily to prepare to spawn. Redfish spawn from August through November so handle these fish with care as they are the key to our future population. The Mackerel bite, King and Spanish should heat back up as the make their fall run down our coast. To book a Tampa fishing charter with Capt. Will Shook call (813)732-5971
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