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We'll be fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and many other species.

Don't miss out on the awesome fishing of Tampa, St Petersburg, and Clearwater, FL.

Tarpon Fishing in Tampa, FL

The Tarpon (a.k.a. Silver King) will grace us with her presence this summer as she does every summer. We can now put all the restless nights dreaming about that battle behind us and make those dreams a reality. People travel all over Florida in search for a battle with the Silver King. Let your search end here. Tarpon fishing Tampa, Florida is one of the best places in the World. Our beautiful beaches are the feeding grounds for the world famous Tarpon during the summer months. So if you want to test your skills and battle the Sliver King, you have come to the right place. I lie in bed at night reliving the events of last summer:

The sun breaks the horizon with one of Florida’s famous beaches in the foreground. The water is flat clam, its emerald green reflection shines in my eyes. As I scan the horizon, I see something break the surface. As it approaches, I see what I have been dreaming about all winter, one of Florida’s premier game species, the beautiful Tarpon (a.k.a. Silver King). I turn the motor off and grab my rod. My heart starts pounding through my chest, my palms start to sweat and I tell myself “stay calm”. She gets within casting distance. I have one shot to present this bait. I tell myself “don’t screw this up”. I pitch the crab to her. My heart stops. She looks at it as though she wants to pass it up. I think to myself “there will be more”. Before my heart gets to the next beat, she turns and devours my bait. BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! FISH ON! The sound of the drag drowns out the sound of my heart beat. She runs over a hundred yards of line off in one burst. She launches in the air, head breaking the surface first, and sun shining off her silver scales. She is now four feet in the air. She thrashes her head attempting to free herself of the hook. The last head shake works. My line goes slack. She is free. I reel in my line and re-bait. I scan the water. I see something break the surface. Here we go again…

Now let this memory become yours and let’s get us a Tarpon

Tampa, Florida Tarpon fishing runs from the end of April through early August with peak season being May and June. We will fish with light tackle spinning gear outfitted with 50lb braid line. Live bait: crabs, threadfins, and pinfish will be our bait of choice. The Tarpon we will battle will range from 60 lb to 150 lb, with the possibility of 150 plus pounders landed. It’s not uncommon to battle these beautiful fish for over forty-five minutes. We will Tarpon fish some of Florida’s world famous beaches and bridges. So come join me this summer and let’s make those dreams a reality!