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Tampa Bay Fishing Report 4/11-4/28

Spring has sprung. With all of the cold weather behind us, the fishing charters in Tampa have been awesome. You name it and

Young Tampa angler with Redfish

 it is chewing. Water temperatures are starting to get back to normal. The bait has made its way into Tampa Bay and so have the pelagic fish. King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel have been the hot topic. These species make their way up our coast following the bait and make Tampa Bay a stop on their migration move. They are exciting to catch with big bursts of drag screaming fun. Great for kids, nonstop action and easy to catch. They also make for good table fair. Blackened Spanish Mackerel is hard to beat. The Redfish and Trout bite continue to be off the hook. Sounds like a broken record but we are having numerous days with multiple over size fish and a few keepers. These fish are getting a lot of pressure so the key is to stay as far away as possible and bring the school to you with chum. Picture of a young angler with a 34” Redfish caught on a Tampa fishing charter. To book a charter with Capt Will Shook call, 813-732-5971


Tampa Bay Fishing Report 4/01-4/10


Double Hookup Redfish Action

It’s that time of year for us in Tampa Bay and I have been busy. I finally have a little break to leave a report. Fishing has been on fire. The bait has started to show up around our area bridges and so have the fish. The Spanish Mackerel have invaded our area with vengeance. We are catching good numbers of mackerel using live scaled sardine (aka greenbacks) on a 40 lb Berkley Trilene fluorocarbon leader and a long shank hook. Spanish mackerel have razor sharp teeth and can easily cut through any leader. I like using the long shank hooks because it helps reduce cut offs.  The Trout and Redfish bite has been awesome. The key to catching good numbers is bait. Make sure you have a livewell full of scaled sardines and you are sure to have a good day. We are fishing a school that is producing a good amount of keepers and oversized fish. Our limits on Redfish in Tampa Bay are 18″-27″. It’s not uncommon to catch more over slot fish than keepers. It’s a good problem to have, if you ask me. While fishing the Redfish schools, we are running into some good Trout. I had a client hook what I thought was a Snook but to my surprise, it was a monster 28″ Trout. A Trout that size in Tampa Bay is a trophy size fish. Most Trout caught in Tampa Bay are between the sizes of 15″-22″.  It was nice to see a Trout that size and that healthy. It’s a good sign for the Trout species in the Tampa Bay area. Tarpon have started to show up. Stayed tuned for a report.