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Tampa Bay Fishing Report December

December fishing in Tampa Bay can be a little challenging if we see some harsh cold fronts move through. Quality Snook fishing a river in Tampa BayNovember, for the most part, has been a mild month but we all know what Mother Nature can do The Snook bite has continued to be good. They have made their transition to the river and are eating to prepare for winter. The Redfish bite has been good but most fish are under size. The Trout bite has been good and will continue to get better as water temps cool. These fish are not affected by the cooler temps and we should see some of the bigger trout move in. The picture is a client with his biggest Snook. The Snook measured 37”.To book a Tampa fishing charter with Capt. Will Shook, call (813)732-5971


November Fishing Report!


November fishing in Tampa Bay is one of the most productive months. As we start to see more cold fronts push throughTampa Fishing Guide put client on Big Blackdrum, water temperatures will start to drop into that magical number of 70’s. This means, FISH ON! We should start to see a good push of King Mackerel making their way down our coast. If the weather cooperates, these fish will hang around all month. I like a live Threadfin or Blue runner as bait of choice. The Spanish Mackerel bite should be on fire. As more bait migrates inside the bay, so should the Spanish. The Tampa Bay Redfish bite will continue to be off hook. As November nears end, so should the spawn. So get out early in the month and fish the big schools. With Trout season CLOSED in our area in November, I try not to target these fish. If you do, handle them as least as possible and use a dehooker. Had a trip and stumbled on a huge school of Black Drum running the flats. These fish were well over 30lbs. As you can see from the pictures, the young had all she could handle. She did an excellent job of fighting the fish. To book a Tampa fishing charter with Capt. Will Shook,  call (813)732-5971

October Tampa Fishing Report!


Fall is in the air. Leaves are changing colors, cooler mornings… Wait. We live in Tampa Bay Florida. Although our seasons are not a drastic as they are in otheFishing Tampa for Redfishr places, we do feel a change in the air. If you fished all summer in the 90 degree heat and 90% humidity you welcome any change. October brings shorter days, cooler air and water temperatures. The bite should turn on like a light switch for all species as waters temperature drop into the 70’s. The Snook bite will slow in our area. Most Snook have made their way out of our area to their fall areas. Some will still be around willing to eat. The Redfish bite will be outstanding. These fish will gather in large schools on our area flats feeding heavily to prepare to spawn. Redfish spawn from August through November so handle these fish with care as they are the key to our future population. The Mackerel bite, King and Spanish should heat back up as the make their fall run down our coast. To book a Tampa fishing charter with Capt. Will Shook call (813)732-5971

September Tampa Fishing Report!


September is here and that means one thing for Tampa Bay fishing. SNOOK SEASON IS OPEN! The day a lotSnook fishing Tampa Bay of you have been waiting for. Snook season officially opens September 1st. Anglers that want to harvest a Snook most have a fishing license with a Snook Stamp. Remember the new slot is 28”-33” and 1 per person per day. The Snook bite will slow on the beaches as these fish start the transition to the flats and their fall areas. I like scaled sardines (greenbacks) but they will be willing to eat shrimp, pinfish and even cut bait. The Redfish action will heat up. We should start seeing huge schools of fish on our area flats. Cut bait is my bait of choice. Pinfish or sardines fished on 25lb Seaguar fluorocarbon leader with a #1 Daiichi circle hook. Photo is of Blaine on his first Snook trip with an over slot fish. To book a Tampa fishing charter with Capt. Will Shook call (813)732-5971

August Tampa Fishing Report!


August can be a challenging month forTampa fishing charter for Redfish Tampa Bay fishing. With the warm weather and water temperature’s, you have to be willing fish early and deep. The Redfish bite has been steady. Had a few trips and caught multiply over slot fish. The Tampa bay Snook bite has slowed. Fishing deeper water has produced good numbers of Mangrove Snapper. To book a Tampa St.Petersburg fishing charter with Captain Will Shook call (813)732-5971

July Tampa Fishing Report!


If you haven’t noticed, it’s HOT! With water temperatures reaching mid to upper 80’s and sometime in the 90’s and air temperatures well into the 90’s, add a few thunderstorms here and there, getting out and being successful can be tough. The key to success is to get out early and move to deep water when temperatures rise. Redfish bite continues to be good. On higher tide days, look for these fish to be pushed back under the mangroves to seek shade. Mangrove Snapper bite will be good this month. Most all of rocks piles in the Bay will hold fish. The Grouper bite has slowed a bit but we continue to catch a few keepers inside the bay. Here is a photo of a keeper Gag Grouper caught by a customer on a trip. To book a Tampa St.Petersburg fishing trip with Captain Will Shook call (813)732-5971

June Tampa Fishing Report!

The Tampa area offers a variety of fishingTampa Bay fishing for Redfish. June has been a great month. The Tarpon are still hanging around. Had several trips where we jumped a number of fish. Had 12 year old Roman land a nice 100lb Tarpon fishing live bait around the bridge. The Redfish bite continues to be strong. Had trips with multiple hookups on the Redfish. The photos are of my clients with Redfish caught all year. Hope you enjoy. To go Tampa fishing, call Capt Will Shook 813-732-5971


May Tampa Fishing Report!




May Fishing Report!

Tarpon Fishing Tampa The Silver King has made its grand entrance. May is here and so are the Tarpon. These fish start to show in Tampa Bay around April and stay through July. We were fishing a Tampa area bridge when we hooked into an estimated 140lb beauty. The fight lasted about 45min. She gave us all we could handle. The Snook bite is also great in May. Had a client out on his first Snook trip and he landed a beautiful 33″ beauty. To book a Tampa St.Petersburg fishing charter with Captain Will Shook, call (813)732-5971


TAMCO Foundation Grand Slam Tournament



TAMCO Foundation 3rd Annual Grand Slam Tournament!

I had the opportunity to fish the TAMCO Grand Slam tournament onFishing Tournament with Snook caught while fishing Tampa Bay April 17th. What a great tournament. This year it benefited; Salute America’s Heroes and The Children’s Home. I had the honor to fish with two wounded troops. Staff SGT. USAF, Justin Eldridge and SGT. U.S. Army, Eric McDaniel. Do to their injuries, we were limited on where we could run but we made the best of it. Fishing Tampa Bay with these guys puts things in perspective and shows the real sacrifice these young men and women go through. It was an honor. To book a Tampa St.Petersburg fishing trip with Captain Will Shook call (813)732-5971 


April Tampa Fishing Report!

Spring Time Is Here! 

With the last of the Tampa cold fronts behind us, we can put those jackets away and break out the sunscreen. As water temFamily with a Tampa Snookperature heat up, so will the Tampa Bay fishing. These fish have been hiding all winter and are hungry ready to eat. With bait starting to show up on the flats, so are the Redfish and Snook. The Redfish have been schooling up and are willing to eat anything you throw at them. I had a father and son out who couldn’t get enough of them. The Snook are hungry and on the move. I had a Grandfather, Dad and Son on the boat that never caught a Snook. First Snook was a beautiful 29″ caught by the Grandfather. It was a blast. To book a Tampa St.Petersburg fishing Charter with Captain Will Shook call (813)732-5971